Fishbowl's Inaugural Triumph: Pakistan Super League PSL
In a remarkable feat, Fishbowl took on the giants, both local and global, as the underdogs and etched their name in the Pakistani advertising history with the groundbreaking launch of the 1st edition of PSL. Today, it stands as one of the most prestigious and sought-after cricketing leagues worldwide with 7M followers on facebook and 1.2M followers on instagram.
The logo ID is a true reflection of the ethos of Pakistani cricket – fast bowling. It pays tribute to the legendary pace attack that has graced Pakistan's cricketing history, from the iconic Fazal Mahmood to the great Imran Khan, the formidable Wasim-Waqar duo, and the lightning-fast Rawalpindi Express – Shoaib Akhtar. PSL stands apart as the only T20 format that glorifies the art of bowling in its very identity.

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TEMPTATION at its peak!
Nurpur, a renowned heritage brand with a legacy of over 50 years, was facing significant challenges in its survival. The objective was to rejuvenate 'House of Nurpur,' comprising all six brands, while working within a limited budget yet achieving high impact. Leveraging cutting-edge table-top photography in Pakistan, the campaign artfully blended traditional dairy usage with modern visuals and iconic music, creating an enticing and sensory experience of authentic 'desi' food.
The results were astounding as Nurpur swiftly regained its growth momentum within the first year of the relaunch, and the brand earned the prestigious PAS Award for the Best campaign in the Food & Dairy category.

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2400 hours of work – 24 hours of execution, delivered.
Successful execution of a complete brand revamp for Muller & Phipps after their acquisition of OCS in Pakistan was made possible overnight. The challenge was to transform everything from a 4x9 envelope to a Boeing 737 within a tight timeline. The campaign effectively conveyed the brand change using a concise and straightforward message, covering various aspects such as brand ID, shop signs, service centers, cargo fleet, courier uniforms, shipment boxes & envelopes, and corporate stationery. To achieve this, teams were deployed nationwide to swiftly replace branding collateral across 500+ courier centers, more than 1350 service locations, over 90 vans and trucks, and a Boeing 737 aircraft, which they accomplished within a single day.

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Savouring success, the noodle way!
Shoop, a new entrant in the market, faced a challenging task of growing its market-share with limited budgets, especially when compared to its competitors and the market leader, who primarily focused on kids' consumption. Initially, Shoop followed the industry norm and targeted children aged 7-9, but soon realized that competing in the saturated market against a dominant competitor was a Herculean task.
To overcome this hurdle, the brand re-evaluated its strategy and identified a blue ocean by shifting its focus to an untapped segment of teenagers and young adults aged 13-24. This segment offered significant potential but had been largely overlooked by competitors. By cleverly avoiding the marketing clutter and honing in on young adults who were avid consumers of instant noodles, Shoop effectively communicated with this new target audience in a relevant and relatable manner.
Through insightful targeting and a fresh communication style, Shoop achieved remarkable business results, gaining substantial market share and experiencing growth in brand equity and loyalty.
For its three successive thematic campaigns, Shoop has won consecutive Effie awards during 2020-2022 across multiple categories.

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#SuperNahiTou4GNahi – (It’s not 4G if it’s not super)
Jazz, already holding the top spot as Pakistan's #1 data provider, also offers fintech and digital products for businesses. By harnessing Jazz's comprehensive 360-degree ecosystem, we have positioned it as Pakistan's preferred digital lifestyle partner. Our communication highlights Jazz's role in driving progress in Pakistan through its exceptional digital services, encompassing everything from an OTT platform to cloud computing solutions for businesses, as well as everyday financial services and leisure offerings.
This translated seamlessly into our award-winning equity campaign, which aims to showcase the revolutionary potential of Pakistani youth through the power of digital technology. Our approach revolves around sharing empowering stories that inspire the audience to realize their own capabilities and how they can use this digital superpower to make a positive impact on the world around them. The campaigns focus on empowering individuals and, by extension, empowering the entire nation, demonstrating how digital tools can help overcome challenges, effect meaningful change, and ultimately achieve success.
Recipient of Effie Award 2022 and 2023.

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Super for Change
Transgenders in Pakistan have historically remained invisible, and unfortunately, violent attacks against them have been on the rise in recent years. Jazz took a bold step by utilizing its resources to bring attention to the significance of acknowledging and accepting Khawaja Siras. For the first time in Pakistan, a high-budget brand launched a comprehensive 360-degree media campaign, putting the spotlight solely on a transgender protagonist.
The digital aspect of the campaign sparked a movement, with the youth actively joining as agents of change. The impact of this initiative was far-reaching: a government legislature was passed in Sindh, and the launch of the EHM app in KPK aimed to protect the rights of the transgender community in Pakistan.
Our simple yet powerful message of equality struck a chord with the audience, leading to an unprecedented outpouring of support. Instead of following the conventional path of focusing solely on product and brand building, we dared to challenge the deep-rooted norms of our society, and in doing so, we made a meaningful contribution to its improvement.
Winner of Digital Nation Video Creativity Award by the GSMA Mobile 360 Asia Pacific.

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